Scientific Objectives

Main Objective:

The main objective of the Action is to define and characterize the “immunotype” of healthy individuals and IMID patients before, during, and after targeted immunomodulation. The Action aims to achieve this goal by integrating and standardizing complementary molecular and clinical expertise in different fields of human immunology. This “immunotype” approach will promote the translation of new developments in molecular and cellular medicine into optimal personalized treatment of IMID patients.

Secondary Objectives:

  • Identify and define the different aspects of immune function that are relevant for IMIDs and establish a minimal set of functional tests to evaluate this “immunotype”.
  • Develop, standardize, and/or validate a comprehensive panel of high-throughput technologies to assess these functional aspects.
  • Define the alterations of the immunotype in different IMIDs in comparison with a large cohort of healthy individuals by using this panel
  • Assess the impact of targeted immunomodulation on the immunotype across different IMIDs and apply the immunotyping in joint proof-of-concept clinical trials with new targeted therapies in different IMID populations
  • Build a strong and large network of leading European centres in the field of translational immunology that develops guidelines for immunomonitoring and provides advice to regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical companies
  • Train a new generation of young physicians and researchers in the different aspects of translational and interventional immunology in the context of personalized medicine for IMIDs
  • Share this knowledge with other centres, clinical and basic researchers, regulatory agencies, affected patients and the public through an active outreach program