Hermann Eibel, Thomas Giese

The Common web-based platform is used to strengthen the coordination of the efforts to identify, validate, and implement the standardized assessment of the immunotype.

It serves to exchange existing and to develop new standard operation procedures (SOPs) for immune monitoring. In addition, provides open access to unpublished data within the network and provide an inventory of techniques, samples and available patients at each centre and, therefore, be an important tool in the creation of a gene-to-function repository.

In a second step, this platform will be integrated into the data integration system that provides a solution for management of high throughput experiments and large sets of clinical data obtained in unique patient cohorts. This system enables the integration of different experimental types, complex image and flow-cytometry data as well as multiple clinical and histological specimens. Processed values and raw data are stored in a structured format within the database platform. The aim is to allow meta-analysis on well-annotated data of different incorporated patient cohorts. Data obtained from different technological procedures on the same individual can be evaluated and be made available for the interested researcher.