Modern clinical immunology has to translate new therapeutical options into optimal personalized care. Therefore, we have to know for each patient how well the immune system works. Then, we can chose the best treatment, monitor the efficacy, adjust the dose of immunomodulation and determine the degree of remission.

In a multidisciplinary approach, ENTIRE concentrates the specialised expertise of the participating centres to

  • define a minimal set of functional tests for immunotype profiling
  • validate, standardize and implement the panels for immunotype profiling
  • define the immunotypes in normals and in disease cohorts using these panels
  • use these panels in the context of clinical trials with targeted therapies
  • give guidelines and advice to clinicians, authorities and industry
  • train a new generation of translational/interventional immunologists
  • dissemination and outreach by publications, website, and congresses/workshops

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